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Our background

We have decided to create VB2R to share our  professional experience, our synergies and passion for cars & motorbikes.


Our 17 years old experience as professional test drivers in activity enhanced our meticulousness, reproductibility and versatility : We know how to adapt quickly to any vehicule and how to push it to its limits. We can assesses a new element in any situations or contrainsts and define the better way forward. Those hundreds of thousands miles of tests enabled us to quite often flirt with the limits of adherence and be slide specialist. It is a real pleasure as drivers and a way to share those goods moments to car & motorbikes lovers, proposing images and unforgettable moments in exceptional places across the globe. (US, japon, Australia, Laponia, Malaisia, Dubaï, spain, germany)


Our 25 years old experiences in sprint races enabled us to push a car or a motorbike to its adherence limits ; endurance gave us the opportunity to be reproducible, to keep a security margin to adapt to different metrological and mechanical contrants.


Our 17 years old experiences with the most important constructors and equipment manufactures enabled us to reach a high level of the highest standards of quality and professionalism. We also worked on various press présentations (set up, shows, video shooting, journalist interaction) or shooting for the movie industry.